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ls&i alco power

The LS&I was an all-Alco road for many years, typically buying used motive power when it became available. In the late 60s and 70s, you could find RS1s, RS3s, and RSD12s on duty hauling freight and ore through the Upper Peninsula.

After taking a look at several prototype photos of LS&I operations, I decided that I really liked the look of the rugged RSD12. However, while there are a lot of LS&I ore cars on the market, along with a couple of 40' box cars, no one makes a ready-to-run LS&I locomotive in N-Scale. 


Fortunately, Atlas makes an RS11 - and they also make a lot of interchangeable detail parts. I started with a Master Line Seaboard RS11 and removed the fuel tank and 4-axle trucks. I ordered six-axle replacement trucks and a hi-mount nose bell from Atlas. I also ordered a drop-in DCC decoder with Alco diesel sound effects, MRC #1812. Decals are from Micro-Scale.


Photos show disassembly, primer coat, added nose bell, decoder installation, and paint/decals. Look closely in the decoder picture and you will see the six-axle truck assemblies.


Finished locomotive appears below, with a short string of LS&I ore cars and a matching caboose. LS&I caboose features are also available on my web site, and I have included bonus photos of my custom-painted LS&I RS1 #1001.

N Scale LS&I RSD12
Alco RS1 LSi #1001 with LSI wood caboose
N Scale LS&I RSD12
Stripped and primered shell for LSI RSD12
primered RS-12 shell
Frame and decoder/speaker for RSD12
Paint and decals for LSI RSD12
LSI logo

Caboose #2 (MT conversion)      Caboose #21 (DCC/lights)      Track Plan (Marquette Southern)

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