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ten-wheeler (4-6-0) #150.... uh, I mean #151

After deciding to expand my backdated roster and building a modest fleet of Ann Arbor passenger cars, and after facing the stark reality that no one manufactures an N Scale Atlantic 4-4-2 that was the workhorse of AA passenger operations, I began researching the other locomotives that were pressed into service on occasion. The most common non-Atlantic to have pulled the regular trains was a classic Ten-Wheeler. The Ann Arbor had several of these on their roster, and there are many pictures proving that these engines served on a good number of passenger assignments. After careful review of roster information I learned that a handful of these engines lasted into 1951 or 1952 before finally succumbing to the scrapper's torch. I also learned that sometimes Internet records aren't completely accurate: after purchasing and converting a Bachmann 4-6-0 into AA #150, based on a published roster of Ten-Wheelers, I then discovered a photo of AA #150 which turned out to be a 2-8-0... which sent me back to the archives where I found a great picture of 4-6-0 #151 paused in Ann Arbor with a passenger train. So I stripped it back down and properly re-numbered it to #151, but this was after I had taken a short video to show the original conversion! Prototype photo courtesy of Gary Everhart (via RRPicturesArchive). 

Ann Arbor Railroad 4-6-0 #151
Ann Arbor Ferry in Fog logo
Ann Arbor Ferry in Fog logo
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