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special purpose tank car #29584

To model this unique special-purpose tank car, I started by surfing eBay to find an inexpensive "donor" car. Thankfully, Atlas made an appropriate insulated tank car that can be found in abundance at train shows or auction sites. If I recall correctly, I think this Dupont tanker was an early Atlas model that cost a whopping $8.

Once it arrived on my doorstep, I completely disassembled the car and stripped the factory lettering using Goo Gone and gentle scraping with a sharp hobby knife. After the lettering was removed, I washed the main tank assembly in warm soapy water and then let it air dry for a couple of days, during which time I ordered a GATX tank car lettering set from Micro-Scale.

After painting the car gloss black, I carefully cut out and applied individual letters and numbers, including end reporting marks and a special letter designation, so that crews would know the special purpose of this car... as if their other senses didn't already clue them in! Yet another reason that AA crews had reason to use idler cars!

Special Purpose Tank Car Designation
Paint and Decal Ann Arbor tank car
michigan Interstate Railway Compnay Operator logo
Ferry in Fog logo
Atlas Dupont Tank Car (donor unit)
Ann Arbor Tank Car #29584
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