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norfolk & western caboose #562748

Quite a few Wabash/Ann Arbor streamlined-cupola cabooses made their way into the N&W fleet. Research revealed that many were used on auto-parts trains that ran between Detroit and Toledo. Traveling through the less-than-desirable parts of town, train crews soon learned that glass side windows are prone to break when pelted with rocks and other debris. The car shops were quick to add steel plates over most windows, and heavy-duty metal grates/screens over the remaining windows. The model photo shows such additions.


NW #562748 was an ex-Wabash caboose of the type commonly found assigned to service between Detroit & Toledo. This model is a stock Micro-Trains unit with its original paint scheme and number. After adding a scratch-built cupola, my N-Scale car shop blanked out the windows and added screening in accordance with prototype photos I located at a N&W archive website.

Details and instructions for the Wabash-style cupola conversion are provided in the modeling section of my AA pages, where you will find step-by-step details and pictures to show how the work is completed. See the "how-to" feature.

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N Scale N&W caboose #562748

Norfolk & Western caboose #562748, Micro-Trains conversion, scratch-built cupola

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