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chesapeake & ohio

The Chesapeake & Ohio, its predecessor Pere Marquette, and its successor Chessie System, had the most interchanges with the Ann Arbor Railroad. Connections between the C&O family and the Annie were made in Toledo, Ann-Pere, Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Clare, and Thompsonville. 


Growing up and living in several different parts of Michigan, I actually saw many more C&O trains than Ann Arbor trains. Living in Sunfield during the late 1970s, I would quickly pedal my bike down to the tracks by the grain elevator whenever I heard the rumble of EMD power coming into town. 

C&O crews were always friendly and on occasion when a local was holding in the siding, they would allow a caboose visit or a short cab ride. It was an unforgettable experience to sit up in the cupola and watch a manifest train bound for Grand Rapids roll on by at 40mph just inches away. Also forever grateful for being allowed to take the throttle on an aging GP9 one summer day in 1977. Priceless!  

For those reasons, you will find my roster well-populated with C&O equipment! Special project and equipment links are included below: 

C&O for Porgress logo
C&O Pacific w/Vanderbilt tender

Chesapeake & Ohio Light Pacific w/Vandy Tender pauses for water on the author's layout.

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