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penn central

After decades of fierce competition that pushed both companies toward bankruptcy, the 1969 merger of the Pennsylvania and New York Central resulted in an even larger company that was destined for bankruptcy. 


Ultimately rolled into Conrail with the 4R Act of 1976, the Penn Central had an interesting relationship with the Ann Arbor.  Interchanging in Toledo and Ann Arbor, the Penn Central also acquired trackage rights over the Annie. In the early 1970s the PC ran unit coal trains from Toledo north to Owosso and then over ex-NYC system tracks to power plants in the Saginaw area.

My visits to Ferry Yard in the late 1970s and early 1980s always found a good supply of teal green boxcars with the spaghetti-link PC logo, intermixed with fresh Conrail repaints, and newer Conrail and Ann Arbor hi-cubes. Models shown here are Micro-Trains cars that have been re-stenciled/numbered.

N Scale PC boxcars
N Scale PC boxcars
N Scale PC boxcars
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