c&o light pacific w/vanderbilt tender conversion

The Chesapeake & Ohio rostered a wide variety of classic steam power: fast-freight VanSwerigen Berks and heavy-duty 4-8-4s, massive articulated coal-hauling beasts from 2-6-6-2 Mallets to the monstrous 2-6-6-6 Alleghany, and heavy 4-6-2 Pacifics that handled passenger service. However, when looking into their passenger locomotives (after buying a complete set of the new Atlas 60' heavyweight C&O passenger cars), I discovered a unique smaller class of USRA Light Pacifics. Obtained from the Fredricksburg, Richmond & Potomac, these lighter-duty locomotives were equipped with Vanderbilt tenders and provided passenger motive power over much of the C&O system. 


Once I found proof of a Light Pacific in C&O livery, I turned my focus toward suitable 1:160 replicas. Luckily, I found a sound-equipped USRA Pacific from Model Power/MRC in Baltimore & Ohio markings. A trip to the MicroScale site yielded a set of C&O steam engine decals and after removing the old B&O lettering I was able to reproduce a reasonable facsimile. Photos provided on the right hand side of this page show the process and the end result.

The prototype image below is courtesy of the Mark Miller collection, as posted and borrowed from a C&O steam engine web site.

Model Power Pacific: DCC & sound-equipped in B&O livery

Tender stripped: Micro-Scale C&O steam engine decals ready

Model Power Pacific: DCC & sound-equipped in C&O livery

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