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ann arbor 2-bay cement hoppers

There was no shortage of interesting hoppers and paint schemes on the Ann Arbor Railroad! When I started out, no one made a RTR model, so I bought undecorated and created my own. Thankfully Atlas makes a nice two-bay PS2, and Deluxe Innovations makes a neat ACF unit.


I used an inexpensive software program to re-create the  stylized "AA" logo for the CRDX scheme and I had a large batch of AA, billboard, and pennant decals made by SoliDesign. I also completely wore out my first copy of Craig Wilson's great book on Ann Arbor rolling stock. It literally fell apart at the binding from all the checking and double-checking of body styles, paint schemes and numbers.


Each of the hoppers shown here carries an accurate scheme and number for its body type. You will note in some cases an extra center support rib was added to the PS2s. I provide more detail on this feature on my "how-to" page where I show how I modified and created a large batch of the Ferry-in-Fog sand hoppers.   

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