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AA Reference & History Books

Ann Arbor Railroad in Color Book

The Ann Arbor Railroad in Color: History & Operations 1869-1976 by Robert Warrick

Morning Sun Books 2008

Great historical overview of the Ann Arbor Railroad from inception to bankruptcy, with details of the various builders, owners, and political events that shaped the rise and fall of this shortline. A must-read!

Ann Arbor Railroad Arcadia

Images of Rail: The Ann Arbor Railroad

by D.C. Jesse Burkhardt

Arcadia Publishing 2005

Pictorial overview of the Ann Arbor Railroad from its earliest years into present-day. Includes a nice variety of photos showing multiple interchange partners and ferry operations, as well as WWII vintage advertising. More info @

Ann Arbor Railroad Freight Cars Wilson

Freight Cars of the Ann Arbor Railroad, 1947-1985 by Craig Wilson

AARR Technical & Historical Association

The Bible of Ann Arbor freight equipment. Spectacular drawings and photos of a wide variety of equipment, with logos, numbering, dimensions, and historical references.

Mainstique & Lake Superior Haywire Hornstein

The Haywire: a Brief History of the Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad

by Hugh Hornstein

Michigan State University Press 2004

Very nice history of the M&LS, with rare photos, maps, and stories of how this line survived for 70+ years as a remote branch operation of the Ann Arbor. Another must-read!

Manufacturer Websites & Links

Atlas logo

Atlas is a leading manufacturer of N Scale model railroad track, locomotives, rolling stock and accessories. They have an excellent line of ready-to-run models, both decorated and undecorated; locos are available DCC-ready/DCC-equipped.

Bachmann logo

Bachmann is another leading manufacturer of model railroad track, locomotives, rolling stock, structures and accessories. They have a great on-line help forum, and they have recently released a good variety of DCC/Sound-equipped locomotives. My PM 1225 and N&W 611 are great examples. 

JnJ Trains

An excellent source for custom N Scale products, featuring rare or special-run road names for fallen flags. Products include freight, passenger and locomotive body shells, detail parts, ready-to-run cars and more. Great stuff - check it out!

SoliDesign logo

This link will take you to the home page for SoliDesign, a custom decal creator who specializes in super thin but strong model railroad decals in YOUR choice of road name, be it fallen flag, current prototype or even your own logo. They provided me with the custom N Scale logos for my fleet of Ann Arbor diesels and I am very pleased with their talents. Highly recommended.


MR logo

Terrific resource for model railroaders. Discussion groups, railroad links and great start-up information for beginners.

RMC logo

Another superb resource for the model railroad hobbyist. They also publish other great railroad-related periodicals.  

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