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3D drawing of N Scale LS&I layout

ls&i track plan: Marquette Southern 

Lower deck  of N SCale LS&I layout
Upper deck portions of LS&I N scale layout

This was originally designed as an HO Scale "Coal Creek" layout designed to fit into the corner of a 12' x 10' room. It was designed as a bi-level mountainous coal-hauling line featuring steep grades and a detailed yard/engine facility. It was originally created for a visitor on my old web site, through exchanging e-mail discussion.  However, this would make a fantastic N Scale layout, with an Upper Peninsula theme appropriate for the Lake Superior & Ishpeming.  I could easily see ore jennies and wood-pulp cars moving from the top level iron ore mines down to the ore dock in the port city of Marquette.

The Marquette Southern track plan is labeled for dimensions in HO Scale, but could be easily reduced in depth for N-Scale at approximately 24"-30" deep at each end. Rise and run lengths and clearances could be preserved and N-Scale equipment would easily navigate the route. This is one of my favorite designs and some day I plan to build it just for fun and to have a place to run all my Upper Peninsula equipment. The enclosed end on the left side conceals the bottom reverse loop, and the enclosed end on the right side conceals a 1.5-turn mini-helix that helps boost track elevation. The ends are designed to swing open to allow access to hidden track. I love this plan!

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