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I have been a model railroader since the early 1970s.  Publishing and sharing model railroad information is one way that I try to help others enjoy this fabulous hobby. This site is produced and maintained at my own expense, as a personal contribution dedicated to support the growth and development of the greatest hobby on the planet.


I started my first website back in July 2000 with the intent of providing interactive support to my fellow model railroaders, and I included numerous links to which I would reply with more detailed model railroad advice.  However, maintaining an efficient interactive site while preserving time for my real job and my own modeling was quite a challenge.  In addition, my modeling interests broadened and I wanted to explore and share new aspects of the hobby. 

Actual image of flashing-light signal

This version of my site incorporates a lot of original text and images carried over from past editions, but it has been massively updated to include a ton of new information and modeling articles. I also upgraded my server host and editing software, so ideally moving forward the site will look and perform better, too.


You may notice that some pictures are significantly better than others, and some of the more recent modeling is also better.  This is purposeful: I believe it is very important to share all sides of the hobby, from crude beginnings to more experienced and polished results. So where I had old low-res pictures of past projects that had good value/memories for me, I brought them forward as-is. And where I was able to capture improved shots and efforts, those are also presented herein. I sincerely hope you enjoy my website! 

Author firing Pere Marquette 1225

It was my great honor and privilege to participate with the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) on the firebox and boiler restoration of Pere Marquette #1225. This picture was taken during Steamfest 2014 by my good friend Steve Nowakowski, as we spent the morning hand-firing the locomotive to prepare it for excursion service. SRI has a great group of volunteers and I highly recommend a visit to Owosso for a ride behind this awesome machine! For more info (and my N Scale #1225) click here.


In compliance with EU and Wix (hosting) directives, this Privacy Policy is being posted to advise all visitors that this website is an information-sharing site only. Other than site cookies used by browsers and the web host to assure an enhanced site visit, there is no attempt to collect, analyze, share, or distribute any user/visitor information. Please visit the hosting site for information about their privacy policies or e-mail the site author with any further questions. E-mail information is used solely for the purpose of providing responses to user inquiries. Thank you for visiting.  updated 6/1/2018

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