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layout feature: cape cod northern

The Cape Cod Northern is a large O Scale layout I designed for my friend Al Zuckerman. Al had a very unique space and a clear vision about layout features and operations, and it was a pleasure to work with him in developing and implementing his basement empire. The layout features wide sweeping curves, multiple yards and multiple lineside industries. Al is a great builder, and he has a lot of fantastic custom structures on the layout. We took a lot of exact measurements and clearance checking to assure that his equipment would be able to operate smoothly, and I'm pleased to report that Al is still enjoying his layout to this day. Photo on the right is from my visit to Massachusetts back in 2003. Model railroading is awesome!

O Scale yard facility
O Scale Oil Tank Farm
O Scale Operating Session
O Scale intermodal yard
O Scale bridge

These Cape Cod Northern pictures show a number of different views of the layout during its early construction days. Al has made some changes and improvements over the years, notably adding staging yards for additional train storage. Al has done a good job implementing his dream layout, and he has a great collection of O Scale equipment.

Stay tuned, as at some point there will be updated photos to show how a layout progresses over time, and I know that some scenery materials have been added so it will be fun to see current pictures...

Al and Kris
O Scale engine terminal
O Scale yard
O Scale station and bridge
O Scale intermodal yard
O Scale turntable and roundhouse
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