layout feature: colorado eastern 

OK. It's not N Scale and it's not based on a Michigan railroad, but at least it is a model railroad and I did build it in Michigan. Inspired by a trip on the Durango & Silverton and emboldened by spousal permission to tear up the back yard, the Colorado Eastern was a simple G Scale garden layout. The entire project took about 3 months, starting on Labor Day and ending just after Thanksgiving in 2003. I rented a sod-cutter, excavated a large chunk of turf, sank treated posts and built retaining walls. I brought in a couple tons of fill and a lot of rocks and small boulders. I trenched 110V power in a conduit from the house to the garden area. Track is from AristoCraft and the trains are a D&RGW Bumblebee set from Bachmann. This was a fun project and I learned a lot over the 10+ years I had it in operation. I pulled the tracks and converted the area to an elevated vegetable garden in 2014-2015, as my modeling focus returned to the small inside stuff. Photo story provided below....

breaking ground: Labor Day 2003

tools and supplies

framework complete

laying track w/canine assistance

layout completed

east end view

looking west

headed to Silverton, 2000

Durango, Summer 2000

back wall complete

bringing in rocks and fill

fill, track, trestle, canine helper

first train over trestle

looking northwest

also looking west

Colorado memories