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layout feature: colorado eastern 

OK. It's not N Scale and it's not based on a Michigan railroad, but at least it is a model railroad and I did build it in Michigan. Inspired by a trip on the Durango & Silverton and emboldened by spousal permission to tear up the back yard, the Colorado Eastern was a simple G Scale garden layout. The entire project took about 3 months, starting on Labor Day and ending just after Thanksgiving in 2003. I rented a sod-cutter, excavated a large chunk of turf, sank treated posts and built retaining walls. I brought in a couple tons of fill and a lot of rocks and small boulders. I trenched 110V power in a conduit from the house to the garden area. Track is from AristoCraft and the trains are a D&RGW Bumblebee set from Bachmann. This was a fun project and I learned a lot over the 10+ years I had it in operation. I pulled the tracks and converted the area to an elevated vegetable garden in 2014-2015, as my modeling focus returned to the small inside stuff. Photo story provided below....

Cutting sod for outdoor garden layout in G Scale

breaking ground: Labor Day 2003

Garden layout materials

tools and supplies

G Scale layout structure

framework complete

Laying track in G Scale layout

laying track w/canine assistance

G Scale layout competed picture

layout completed

Bachmann G Scale Bumblebee

east end view

G Scale train approaching trestle

looking west

Durango & Silverton action shot

headed to Silverton, 2000

Author and son in Silverton, circa 1999

Durango, Summer 2000

Layout site and construction

back wall complete

Adding earthwork to G Scale layout

bringing in rocks and fill

Golden Retriever supervising G Scale layout construction

fill, track, trestle, canine helper

Train on G Scale trestle

first train over trestle

G Scale layout view

looking northwest

G Scae Rio Grande

also looking west

Durango & Silverton crossing Animas River

Colorado memories 

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