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dt&i cabooses + gtw bonus

The pictures on this page show a couple of my custom DT&I cabooses. Disclaimer: I am not a DT&I purist and I had to use the numbers that were available on my last decal sheet - so I am fairly certain that the road numbers probably don't match the prototypes. My goal here was just to add a couple DT&I cabooses to my roster to complement my DT&I GP35s. 

I did do a little research to find photos of DT&I cabs in service as of the mid-late 1970s and early 1980s, and the blank-out window patterns and paint schemes reasonably seem to match what I found on-line. Decals were once again made by SoliDesign, and the scratch-built cupolas are explained in detail at my main "how-to" page where I show how I went about creating Wabash-style AA, DT&I, N&W, and M&LS cabooses.

#112 is fresh out of the paint shop and posed on a spur track of my old AA layout, circa 2010 or 2011, with the image captured by an older digital camera using a bright flash.

#107 is not so fresh out of the paint shop, as I applied some light weathering - and this image was captured in different lighting conditions on my recently-completed display layout. 

Believe it or not, these were both hand-painted with the same bottle of Floquil caboose red... but #107 had a dark gray primer and #112 used light gray. Just to show the difference that primer, paint, and photo lighting can make in how a model looks! 

And finally, as fate would have it, I stumbled into the discovery of a former DT&I caboose that went to and from the Ann Arbor... ending up back on the DT&I roster shortly before the DT&I was merged into the Grand Trunk Western. On the GTW, this caboose received a GT paint scheme, but it retained its DTI road number 122 and DTI sub-lettering.


I found a suitable decal set and used prototype pictures as a guide to add another unique caboose to my roster - which of course will now require the acquisition of GTW motive power for it to make any sense on or near my layout. But that's why model railroading is fun! 

DTI logo
N Scale DTI caboose 112
N Scale DTI caboose 107
GT-DTI Caboose #122
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