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dt&i gp35 projects

As explained briefly on the main Detroit, Toledo & Ironton page, the DT&I was the parent company of the Ann Arbor Railroad from 1963-1976, and their marketing and paint schemes heavily influenced the Ann Arbor during this time. Also as discussed, during this time period you could often find DT&I units running on the Ann Arbor and vice-versa, so I was compelled to paint up a couple units for my layout.

These are two Atlas Classic GP35s that started life as some of my very first hand-painted Ann Arbor units. As my modeling skills  improved over time and I started swapping out DCC-compatible frames, I ended up stripping down and re-painting several of those initial AA GP35s. Thankfully, I had saved the EMD truck assemblies, so I popped those back on, shaved down the number board frames, and re-lettered the engines in the proper DT&I class using decals from Micro-Scale.

DT&I #350 is equipped with DCC and a functional beacon on the cab roof, and trailing unit DT&I #354 is equipped with DCC & Sound. The photo (top right) shows #350 in my paint booth, prior to adding beacon.

N Scale DTI GP35 in paint shop
N Scale DT&I GP35s DCC/Sound
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