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ls&i caboose #21

Serving into the 60s and early 70s, the Lake Superior & Ishpeming had a modest fleet of wood cabooses. As with the steel-sided variety, there exists a nice collection of photos, so it was relatively easy to find good shots to serve as a modeling reference. 

Caboose #21 started life as a Micro-Trains 35' NYC four-window caboose. Again, if you are a collector or a purist, turn away now...... because I put the carbody on my table saw and ripped it in two pieces to eliminate the fourth window.  I then used a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel to cut the frame to size.

I used epoxy to graft the frame back together, and after some fine sanding and matching, I used interior splices and Testor's liquid cement to re-combine the two halves of the body.


Model Master Phoenician Yellow paint seemed to be a good match for the caboose, and I once again turned to the Micro-Scale decal sheet for the markings. I also added DCC-controlled interior lighting and marker lanterns, courtesy of my friends at Streamlined Backshop Services.

It is not a perfect rendition, but as I said before I am not a LS&I purist, and it turned out well enough to satisfy my interests!

LS&I caboose #21 - N Scale
LSI caboose #21 with LS&I RS1 #1001
LS&I logo

Caboose #2 (MT conversion)         RSD12 #1851 (DCC/sound)         Track Plan (Marquette Southern)

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