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All Aboard!

Welcome to the home page of, a website dedicated to N Scale Model Railroads of Michigan. 

Featuring my Ann Arbor Railroad modeling efforts, the site also includes many custom N Scale models of several other railroads and equipment that operated in the State of Michigan from the heyday of steam in the 1920s, through the early 1980s. In particular you will see many of the Ann Arbor's interchange partners represented here, with brief prototype railroad histories and pictures of my modeling projects.

In addition to my N Scale models, I have included some basic introductory material to help folks get started in this great hobby. The site has tips, techniques, and "how-to" features, along with track plans, photos and stories about layouts that I have designed for multiple scales. So there's a little something for everyone... 


Explore, enjoy, and come back often for updates and new features!

Quick Links & Archives

Custom N Scale Ann Arbor RR Equipment 

Getting Started: Model Railroading 101

References: Books & Other Sites of Interest

Track Plans & Layouts: N, HO, O, and G Scale

About: Author, Website History & Privacy Policy

N Scale Ann Arbor GP35

a pair of customized GP35s cross the M-49 overpass on the author's layout

Recent Projects:

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